Play protected DVD & BluRay on my pc or mac computer | Blu-ray decrypter | AnyDVD alternative

Many DVDs & BluRays, however bought or hired legaly, won’t play on your computer.
Why ? Because if you can play it, you can copy it and that’s no more legal.
But you are here in sincerity, just want to play that disc that’s yours, isn’t it ?
So you need a « Blu-ray decrypter » …


The simpliest solution for Windows & MacOS is Cyberlink PowerDVD HD, but this soft and and frequent updates are not free.
And you already payed for the computer and the disc, so …
A cheaper solution but still not free, is the famous Redfox AnyDVD HD.
This utility runs in the background and when a disc is inserted, it scans it and … unlocks the protection.
You are now able to play it with the player coming with your system (but for BluRay  this is not often the case) or with VLC (menu open disc)

And what about a free AnyDVD HD  ? Running on Windows & Mac OSX ?
Well, it is a little bit hidden, but exists: it is named  DVDFab Passkey.
The full version claiming it will open any disc is not free, but DVDFab Passkey Lite is a freeware, so give a try before buying anything.

The first thing to do is create a free account on DVDFab:
Google for DVDFab, go to « Members », and create your account

Then it is different depending on Windows or Mac OSX.

search for  DVDFab Passkey Lite, you must reach a page like this, click on free test

Start installation

DVDFab Passkey starts and remains displayed for  10 s befor minimizing itself in the taskbar.
In the begining you will have full version, after that, automatic switch to free version only.

Click on activation button

You must entrer your DVDFab account ID and password you created just before.

continue after OSX section.

Go to

Install normally, click on Activate when available.
You must entrer your DVDFab account ID and password you created just before.
You will see that all modules are NOT free after 2 weeks, EXCEPT what you are here for: the decrypter, that is FREE !

You’re done …
On Windows or mac OSX, use VLC media player, media > open disc and check DVD or Blu-ray

But … if the disc plays, the copy is possible  ?
Well, probably yes, bur if you ask, you may know how to do, but as this is not legal, we will not say anything more here.

Plase let us an advice